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kaakaa naming-word. brother.
kaarrikaa ALSO: kaarrikaang. naming-word. husband, a man who is right 'meat' or totem for a woman to marry.
kaathii ALSO: kaathiing. naming-word. ALSO: kaathiiny, kaathiing. sister (biological and kin), cousin sister.
kunii ALSO: kuniim, kuniing, kuniinh, kuniiny. naming-word. mother.
miiyakan naming-word. people who are not eligible marriage partners.
ngupaan naming-word. spouse, lover.
paapaa ALSO: paapaang. naming-word. father.
paapimpaang naming-word. grandfather.
purraay naming-word. child. Mirri tharrki yananhi purraytyi. The dog stepped over the child. Purraay wakaymanha. The child is playing. The term 'purraay' can refer to a daughter or a son.
winarr naming-word. woman.