Lacks Heading


kaampata topic-marker. bad job. Kaampata yananhi. Bad job (she) came.
kalaay topic-marker. again.
karraapu ALSO: karraa. reaction-word. don't!. 'Karaani wiyungkaa!' 'Don't say wishuuy against it!'
maka topic-marker. other.
mantangkul topic-marker. good job. Mantangkulthiintu wangaay ngiyiyi. Good job you didn't tell me.
minyanalmayng ALSO: minyanalmayny. topic-marker. how many?.
munypu topic-marker. suddenly.
ngaawaa topic-marker. yes. Ngaawaa? Ngaayakathiintu! Yes? You watch me!
ngathankaa topic-marker. believed to be true. Ngathankaalu kuya mamiyi I think she caught a fish
waa reaction-word. Hey!. Waa! pikipiki-pitityu winanganhi! ?Hey! I thought (there was) a big pig!?
waapakuul reaction-word. shut up!.
wama topic-marker. incorrectly.
wangaay topic-marker. no, not. Nobody will be left who can speak Ngiyampaa. Wangaay mayi wiiyaka, Ngiyampaa ngiyarapa.
wantuka topic-marker. later. Ngintuwaantani malaa, ngathuni wantuka malakala. You do it first, I will do it later on.
wishuuy reaction-word. prevent something by saying the word 'wishuuy'.. Wishuuy wangaayntupulaa thingkaa pumalaka. Wiyungkiyilikiilu. 'Wishuuy, You two won't kill any animals!' He said 'wishuuy' against us two. It is a Wangaaypuwan tradition that an event that has not yet taken place, can beprevented by exclaiming 'wishuuy'. Saying 'wishuuy' is most commonly explained asbeing a means of preventing rainfall.
yakarraay reaction-word. 'Ouch!','Take that!'. An expression of sudden pain, or the intention to inflict pain.
yakay reaction-word. an expression of surprise or alarm (for example, 'oh!', 'wow!').
yama topic-marker. isn't it?. Thurru mingkathi kurukanha, yama?. There is a snake in the burrow, isn't there?.
yingkal ALSO: yingkalaa. topic-marker. same.
yingkalaa topic-marker. same.