Lacks Heading


karrpakurr naming-word. basin in fork of tree.
kilaaywarra naming-word. flower of the wild banana vine.
kirraa naming-word. ALSO: kirraam, kirraang, kirraanh, kirraany. leaf. Puyukalukal kirraa mawirri pantiyi. They tied leaves around their shins. Thuurrkalangku ngurrangkiyalulukungkal purraaykalkaalukungkal kirraangku kurukaymiyila. The men covered their housewives (and) their little children with leaves. Kirraanhthi miyi katurr, papirr katurr. They laid a windbreak around.
kukurr naming-word. tree, branch, stick, wood, object made of.
kunarr ALSO: kunharr. naming-word. pademeleon (mammal).
kurrawin naming-word. flower.
kurun naming-word. grass.
kuwanhthaa naming-word. quandong.
makanyi naming-word. mallee. Mallee as it grows in an open sandy environment.
mali naming-word. mallee.
malka naming-word. mulga.
maluman naming-word. lerp. Sweet edible white scale on eucalypt leaves.
mil naming-word. 1. eye.
2. seed.
mukarr naming-word. porcupine grass, burr, prickle. Any prickly or burry plant.
mukil naming-word. 1. wild orange, wild orange tree.
ngaarrka naming-word. wait a while bush. Acacia colletioides.
ngarrkaray naming-word. leopardwood tree.
nhaalya naming-word. fallen leaf litter.
nhiilyi naming-word. nelia tree.
nhuna ALSO: nhunanh. ALSO: nhunam. ALSO: nhunany. naming-word. grass seed.
paka naming-word. wild banana vine. 'Thupa' is the fruit of the wild banana vine, the wild banana.
pilaarr naming-word. belah tree.
pili naming-word. gum, tar, resin, pitch.
piyaka naming-word. tobacco.
tharramulan naming-word. yam. See: pupunhaam
thiku naming-word. emu bush. Important for medicine.
thirriil naming-word. cumbungi, bamboo, reed spear.
thupa naming-word. wild banana.
thutirr naming-word. lignum (plant).
walu naming-word. loose bark. Loose strip of bark flying.
walung naming-word. bark ribbon.
waran naming-word. root of tree.
warriyarr naming-word. warrior bush, wild currant. Warriyarr was burnt to ward off rain.
warrukay naming-word. butt of tree.
wilkarr naming-word. wilgah.
yarrayipiyan naming-word. wild apple.
yulay ALSO: yulaym. ALSO: yulayng. ALSO: yulaynh. ALSO: yulayny. naming-word. 1. skin, peel.
yuwan naming-word. food (non-meat), vegetable food, bread. The term for non-meat food 'yuwan' was extended to mean 'bread'.