Lacks Heading


kali naming-word. ALSO: kalim, kaling, kalinh, kaliny. water, river. Ngathu kurunganhi kalingka. I swam in the water. Ngathu yananha kalingku. I am going to the water. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water.
kalkaay naming-word. waterhole.
kapataa naming-word. moon, month. Kapataa pilangaala ngini ngityalaka. It will rain here next month.
kapurr naming-word. rotten wood.
karul naming-word. 1. stone.
2. money.
kiimpirr naming-word. soakage water, muddy water, wateryou dig for.
kirralaa naming-word. star.
kuningurru naming-word. a nest in a burrow.
kuntaa naming-word. cloud, clouds. Usage: Not thundery or streaky clouds.
kuparr naming-word. 1. raddle.
2. ochre.
kurrikurri naming-word. fallen log.
kurrumin naming-word. 1. shadow, reflection. Kaarranhi thurru kurruminku. The snake crawled into the shadow.
2. picture, photgraph, image.
malta naming-word. 1. lump or clod of earth, lump of ice.
matharr naming-word. wet earth.
mingka naming-word. burrow. Ngaayakantu thinaluku mingkaka. You will see his foot(mark) by the burrow.
mirrka naming-word. cave.
miyarr naming-word. wind.
munil naming-word. hole, narrow hole, crack.
muru naming-word. loose dirt. Loose freshly dug dirt, such as is found around the mouth of inhabited burrows.
ngalan naming-word. flame, light.
ngampurr doing-word. to rumble, i.e., indicating approaching thunder.
ngampurr naming-word. whirlywind.
nganira naming-word. lightness in the sky before sun or moon rise over a distant fire or town.
ngawu naming-word. night, darkness.
ngityara doing-word. rain, raining. Yurrungku ngityara It is raining (literally: The rain is raining)
ngityiyi doing-word. rained. Yurrungku ngityiyi It rained (literally: The rain rained)
ngurra ALSO: ngurram. ALSO: ngurrang. ALSO: ngurrany. ALSO: ngurranh. naming-word. camp, home, bed, country. Kalupiliina ngurra wamiyi. We two built camps, each making (her) own. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water.
ngurrampaa naming-word. country, homeland, camp world. Literally: camp-world
ngurunhu naming-word. crabhole, swamp.
paki naming-word. water's edge.
palima naming-word. sky. Thipi parranha palimaka. Birds are flying in the sky. Kapataa palimaka wampanha. The moon is in the sky.
pankal naming-word. country.
pantur naming-word. thunder.
panturr naming-word. thunder.
papilaa 1. naming-word. native cat, wild cat, quoll. Dasyurus geoffroii. RH Matthew records a story about wild cat escaping from a fight with possum by turning into fog and dancing away (Mt Manara, c 1900), and JB records a Paakantyi story 'Fog and possum' (1950s).
2. naming-word. fog. Papilaa wakanha The fog is swirling. (Literally: The fog is dancing).
pirrku naming-word. scrub.
punan naming-word. dust.
puthu naming-word. smoke.
thakarr naming-word. ice, frost, cold weather.
thakun naming-word. earth, dirt, sand, ground.
thalkuri naming-word. storm cloud.
tharrampal naming-word. 1. Milky Way.
2. path at ceremonial ground.
3. personal 'beat' or accustomed travelling range.
tharriyal naming-word. summer, warm weather.
thirraan naming-word. slope, rise, mound, sandhill.
thirrama naming-word. hill. Wangaayni thirramathi kurunhi. He didn't get through the hill.
thuni naming-word. sun, day.
thuni kurunhapa naming-word. West, where the sun sets. Literally: where the sun goes in.
thuni patharapa naming-word. East, where the sun rises. Literally: where the sun comes out.
thuraay naming-word. streaky cloud.
wapu naming-word. dead end of a burrow.
wii naming-word. 1. fire, firewood.
2. match, lighter.
winytya naming-word. mud, silt.
wirrangkara naming-word. hailstone.
yangki naming-word. Halley's comet.
yurru naming-word. ALSO: yurrum, yurrung, yurrunh, yurruny. = ngityi. rain. See: ngityara See: ngityiyi yurrungku ngityiyi ngityiyi. It rained and rained.