Lacks Heading


kaawa naming-word. always.
kakirr back, area behind.
kalimparr naming-word. watery.
kalki naming-word. wild, wild one.
kama ALSO: kamaa. naming-word. cool, cool one/thing.
kanaay naming-word. shallow, flat.
kapurrkapurr naming-word. brittle, rotten (as in wood).
karrpan naming-word. narrow, narrow one.
kathaa naming-word. happy.
kayilityaay naming-word. selfish, selfish one, possessive, possessive one.
kiityan naming-word. green, the green one, blue, the blue one.
kinyarr naming-word.
kirraparaay naming-word. red, yellow.
kirruu ALSO: kiruu. naming-word. warm, warm one.
kukun naming-word. lame, crippled.
kulangay naming-word. partly full.
kulpirr naming-word. 1. some.
2. a few.
kuninytyarr naming-word. female.
kununhthaay naming-word.
kurraarr naming-word. far away.
kuwayu describing-word. for a long time.
kuyan naming-word. shame.
kuyungan naming-word. one's own.
maanhthuka naming-word.
maki naming-word. uncooked, unripe, raw.
makumal describing-word.
makuu naming-word. one, single, alone. Makumakuu yanakirri (Just) one or two (of us) will have to go.
malu naming-word. silent, silent one.
mankaan describing-word. 1. very.
2. too hard.
3. at all.
4. more than.
mankarr naming-word. wrinkly, scaly, sticky.
manytya naming-word.
marrathal naming-word. a long time ago.
marrayipiya naming-word.
mathaa naming-word. wet, damp.
mathil naming-word. thick, thick one.
mathu describing-word. many.
matu naming-word. many.
mayaal naming-word. incompetent.
milan neighbourhood, vicinity.
milkaay naming-word.
mukaa naming-word. asleep.
muku naming-word.
murru naming-word. 1. road.
2. front, way ahead.
murrupirr naming-word.
muunpu naming-word. full moon.
ngaamurru naming-word. sick-making.
ngalarr naming-word.
ngampa naming-word.
ngararrpaa naming-word. sorry-making.
ngarrul naming-word.
ngathay naming-word.
ngurrampal naming-word.
nguurraa naming-word. light (not heavy).
nhampii naming-word.
nhanya naming-word. persistent, persistence.
nhirriin outside, edge.
paamirr naming-word. long, tall.
palta naming-word.
pangkapa ALSO: pangkapaa. naming-word. white.
pankay naming-word. dry, dead tree.
papirr naming-word. large, big, tall.
papirrpapirr naming-word. very large, very big, very tall.
paraay naming-word. fast, quick.
parraay naming-word. fast, quick.
parurr naming-word. failing to grow.
pawu ALSO: pawung. centre : middle. Ngathu pawungka yuwakirri. I must lie in the middle.
pawung middle, centre.
pikapaa naming-word.
pinku tip, point.
pintal naming-word.
pinytyayi naming-word.
pityarr naming-word. male.
puka naming-word. stinking, rotten, dead.
pukil naming-word. pleased, happy.
pukipaa naming-word.
pula ngunpay naming-word. four.
pulakarr naming-word. two, a pair, twice. Pulakarrathuna ngaanhi. I saw him twice.
puluy naming-word. black.
pumpaa naming-word. short.
pungku naming-word. many. pungkupu all
punhthu naming-word.
punku describing-word. many.
punpirr naming-word.
pupay naming-word. small, short.
putu naming-word.
putyirriwan ALSO: putyirriwaani. naming-word. pretty, pretty one, fine, fine(one), good, good (one), the best one.
thaarrun naming-word.
thaaympawataay naming-word.
thaayngulu facing this way.
thalangay naming-word. fresh, new.
thalarrparay naming-word.
thalay naming-word. angry, angry one.
thalaympaarr naming-word. sharp, sharp one.
thalpaay naming-word.
tharrmay ALSO: tharrmaay. naming-word.
tharrmuu naming-word. womanizer.
thintarr naming-word. bald.
thipa short cut.
thirrangkal naming-word. flash, smart.
thukaay describing-word. really, a lot, indeed. thukaaypu for good and all
thumpi naming-word. lop-sided.
tyilityili naming-word.
wakunpi naming-word. someone else's.
walan naming-word. hard.
walparr naming-word. bent.
waral naming-word. stiff muscle.
warra right close, very close.
warraay naming-word. bad, dead (euphemism).
warraaykuuri naming-word.
watawata naming-word. rough.
wiiwii naming-word. hot.
wiki naming-word. cooked, ripe.
wilpurr naming-word.
wirrampu naming-word.
wirrangurraa naming-word.
wirriwal naming-word. heavy.
wura naming-word. light. Weight.
wurrurr naming-word.
yaparr naming-word.
yarrmal naming-word. mischievous.
yarrurr naming-word. slow, steady.
yata naming-word.
yatama naming-word. good.
yumpawarra naming-word.
yuuthi describing-word. too much. Yuuthi thupiyi. (Robin redbreast) went thup too much.