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pulawa naming-word. flour. From English 'flour'.
pupunhaam naming-word. pupu tucker. Pupunhaam is a synonym for tharramulan 'yam', said by Ngiyampaa consultants to mean literally 'one legged' (tharraN- is 'thigh, leg'). Pupu are the mythical beings who 'take away the boys to make them into men', according to the women who reminisce in Text 1 (in Ngiyampaa Worldworld, 2nd edition) about their experience of preparations for the purrpa (initiation ceremony).
tharramulan naming-word. yam. See: pupunhaam
thiri naming-word. tea.
thirikirraa naming-word. tea leaf.
thuka naming-word. sugar.
thupa naming-word. wild banana.
wirruumpuray naming-word. mushroom.
yarrayipiyan naming-word. wild apple.
yuwan naming-word. food (non-meat), vegetable food, bread. The term for non-meat food 'yuwan' was extended to mean 'bread'.