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kaaka doing-word. bring!, take!, carry!.
kaakaa naming-word. brother.
kaampata topic-marker. bad job. Kaampata yananhi. Bad job (she) came.
kaampunanha doing-word. bring back, bringing back, take back, taking back, carry back, carrying back.
kaampunanhi doing-word. brought back, took back, carried back. Kaampunanhinangkal mayingkirpangku kanaaka. A group of people brought them back on (their) shoulders.
kaangkirri doing-word. to bring, to carry, to fetch. Wangaaytyiilu ngayaamanhi thingkaa kaangkirri. He didn't ask me to bring meat.
kaanii ALSO: kaaniing. naming-word. frill neck lizard.
kaanpali doing-word. to wipe.
kaanpiyi doing-word. wiped.
kaanyyaka doing-word. might bring, will bring, might take, might bring, might carry, will cary.
kaapili doing-word. to vomit.
kaarranha doing-word. crawl, crawling.
kaarranhi doing-word. crawled. Kaarranhi thurru kurruminku. The snake crawled into the shadow.
kaarrikaa ALSO: kaarrikaang. naming-word. husband, a man who is right 'meat' or totem for a woman to marry.
kaathii ALSO: kaathiing. naming-word. ALSO: kaathiiny, kaathiing. sister (biological and kin), cousin sister.
kaawa naming-word. always.
kakali doing-word. to break, to chop. Literally: break-pierce Wii kakali To chop firewood
kaki doing-word. chop.
kakirr back, area behind.
kalaay topic-marker. again.
kalaka doing-word. will be, might be, shall be. Kiruu kalaka It is going to be warm Ngintukulaaytyu kalaka. I shall be like you.
kalang naming-word. deceased, deceased one, late, late one.
kalapa doing-word. split lengthways, splitting lengthways.
kalapiyi doing-word. split lengthways.
kali naming-word. ALSO: kalim, kaling, kalinh, kaliny. water, river. Ngathu kurunganhi kalingka. I swam in the water. Ngathu yananha kalingku. I am going to the water. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water.
kali See: kara See: kalaka See: kiyi doing-word. to be; in order to be.
kalimparr naming-word. watery.
Kaliyarr naming-word. Lachlan River. Wiradjuri people also uses the name Kaliyarr
kalkaay naming-word. waterhole.
kalki naming-word. wild, wild one.
kalupi describing-word. separately.
kama ALSO: kamaa. naming-word. cool, cool one/thing.
kama doing-word. to break.
kamiyi doing-word. broke.
kampal naming-word. turkey, bustard, plains turkey.
kampirra naming-word. yesterday, tomorrow. Kampirra refers to the day either side of the reference time (i.e., the day you are speaking about)
kamukin naming-word. mosquito. Kamukintu mamiyi. You caught a mosquito.
kanaa naming-word. shoulder. Kaanhinangkal mayingku kanaaka. The men carried them on their shoulders.
kanaampikirri See: kanaampinya See: kanaampinyi See: kanaampiyaka doing-word. to lie down, to lie down with, to lie on one's back.
kanaampinya See: kanaampikirri doing-word. lies down, lies down with, lies on one's back.
kanaampinyi See: kanaampikirri doing-word. lay down, lay down with, lay on one's back.
kanaampiyaka See: kanaampikirri doing-word. might/will lie down, might/will lie down with, might/will lie on one's back.
kanaapali doing-word. to ride.
kanaapiyi doing-word. carried on shoulder.
kanaay naming-word. shallow, flat.
kanay naming-word. yamstick, digging stick, crowbar.
kapalkapal naming-word. turkey. From English 'gobble gobble'
kapataa naming-word. moon, month. Kapataa pilangaala ngini ngityalaka. It will rain here next month.
kapikirri doing-word. to cut out.
kapili doing-word. cut, cut off, cut out. Literally: break-do away
kapu naming-word. insect, creepy crawly. You can use 'kapu' for any small creature you haven't got a name for.
kapukaa ALSO: kapukaam, kapukaang, kapukaanh, kapukaany. naming-word. egg.
kapukaraang naming-word. bug.
kapul naming-word. louse.
kapurr naming-word. rotten wood.
kapurrkapurr naming-word. brittle, rotten (as in wood).
kara doing-word. See: kakirri is, is being. Puraay waraay kara The child is bad
karaanhthira doing-word. look for, looking for, search for, searching for.
karaanhthiyaa doing-word. look for!, search for!.
karaanpali doing-word. to grind.
karipakirri doing-word. to run away.
karipanha doing-word. run away, running away.
karipanhi doing-word. ran away.
karra naming-word. phlegm.
karraapu ALSO: karraa. reaction-word. don't!. 'Karaani wiyungkaa!' 'Don't say wishuuy against it!'
karrakila naming-word. shingleback lizard.
karral naming-word. clear part of egg, egg white.
karrpakurr naming-word. basin in fork of tree.
karrpan naming-word. narrow, narrow one.
karruuwaarr naming-word. magpie.
karrwa naming-word. a crackle.
karrwamanya naming-word. crackly, crackly one.
karrwapali doing-word. to crackle.
karul naming-word. 1. stone.
2. money.
karulpali doing-word. to rear up before striking to get power to poison. Karulpali 'to rear up' refers to the way in which a snakes rear up before striking, but is translated so as to include the culture specific interpretation that the snake is "getting the power to poison you from the snake up there in the sky", i.e. the wavy band of relative darkness in the Milky Way.
karulpara doing-word. rears/rearing up before striking to get power to poison. Karulpali 'to rear up' refers to the way in which a snakes rear up before striking, but is translated so as to include the culture specific interpretation that the snake is "getting the power to poison you from the snake up there in the sky", i.e. the wavy band of relative darkness in the Milky Way.
kathaa naming-word. happy.
kathal naming-word. novices' shed. Thuurrkalangkunang-kal kanaapiyi kathalku. Then the men carried them on their shoulders to their special shed. A special shed used in the purrpa ceremony for making boys into men. Lily Hampton and Liza Kennedy told a story about the purrpa to Tamsin Donaldson, and it is found as text 1 in Ngiyampaa Wordworld, 2nd edition (from page 13 onwards).
kathalaka See: kathali doing-word. might/will bite; are likely to bite. Thurrungku kathalaka. Snakes are likely to bite
kathali doing-word. to bite.
kathamiyi doing-word. caught.
kathara See: kathali doing-word. bites, is biting.
katharay 1. naming-word. undeterred, undeterred one.
2. naming-word. respect for punishment, one who respects punishment.
kathikathinmali doing-word. to more or less smash.
kathinmali doing-word. to smash.
kathinmiyi doing-word. smashed; broke.
kathiyi doing-word. bit.
kati naming-word. bitter, bitter one.
katurr ALSO: katur. naming-word. windbreak.
katyal naming-word. water vessel, bucket, drum, vessel, water. Kurumiyityuna katyalkirrantyi. I put it in the drum. Katyalina kurukanhi. It was in the drum. Pathiyina katyali. It got out of the drum.
kayampaarr naming-word. speedy, speedy one, fast, fast one.
kayilityaay naming-word. selfish, selfish one, possessive, possessive one.
kii naming-word. heart.
kiil ALSO: killi. naming-word. urine. Usage: This is the Keewong mob word.
kiili naming-word. ALSO: kiil. urine.
kiilika doing-word. urinate!, wee!, pee!, piss!. Usage: This is the command form of the word. See: kiili
kiilikirri doing-word. to urinate, to wee, to pee, to piss. Usage: This is the purpose form of the word. See: kiili
kiilinha doing-word. urinate, wee, pee, piss. Usage: This is the present form of the word. See: kiili
kiilinhi doing-word. urinated, weed, peed, pissed. Usage: This is the past form of the word. See: kiili
kiilinyaka doing-word. will/might urinate, will/might wee, will/might pee, will/might piss. Usage: This is the future form of the word. See: kiili
kiimpirr naming-word. soakage water, muddy water, wateryou dig for.
kiinki naming-word. white cockatoo, 'yellow top'.
kiirrikirri doing-word. to itch.
kiirrinya doing-word. itch, itching.
kiityan naming-word. green, the green one, blue, the blue one.
kilaa ALSO: kilaam, kilaang, kilaanh, kilaany. naming-word. galah. Source: Ngiyampaa Wordworld, 2nd edition, example 1.9.
kilaaywarra naming-word. flower of the wild banana vine.
kilaywaa doing-word. turn!.
kilaywali doing-word. to turn.
kilkin naming-word. armpit.
kima naming-word. stick-nest rat.
kimpa doing-word. carry on back in a bag.
kinta doing-word. ALSO: kintakirri. laugh.
kintakirri ALSO: kinta. doing-word. to laugh.
kinyarr naming-word.
kinytyaal naming-word. diarrhoea.
kipayali doing-word. reply. Literally: exchange-speak
kipaymali doing-word. exchange. Literally: exchange-do (with hand)
kipaympili doing-word. to give in return, to give back, to throw back. Literally: exchange-do away
kirraa naming-word. ALSO: kirraam, kirraang, kirraanh, kirraany. leaf. Puyukalukal kirraa mawirri pantiyi. They tied leaves around their shins. Thuurrkalangku ngurrangkiyalulukungkal purraaykalkaalukungkal kirraangku kurukaymiyila. The men covered their housewives (and) their little children with leaves. Kirraanhthi miyi katurr, papirr katurr. They laid a windbreak around.
Kirraawara naming-word. Carowra.
kirralaa naming-word. star.
kirrampili ALSO: kirrampi. doing-word. to be sick, to feel pain.
kirraparaay naming-word. red, yellow.
kirraparay naming-word. red, red one.
kirrinpali doing-word. to guess, to estimate.
kirrki naming-word. sparrow hawk.
kirrmali doing-word. to wake.
kirrmara doing-word. wake, waking.
kirrmiyi doing-word. woke. Yingkalaathityuna kirrmiyila. Because of that I woke her then.
kirrpali doing-word. to provoke, to poke.
kirrpang naming-word. party of people.
kirrpatya naming-word. grey kangaroo. Macropus giganteus, fuliginosus.
kirruu ALSO: kiruu. naming-word. warm, warm one.
kiruu ALSO: kirruu. naming-word. warm, warm one.
kityipali doing-word. to tickle.
kityirrikaa naming-word. budgerigar, budgie.
kiyi doing-word. was. Murru winytyapuwan kiyi. The road was muddy.
kukun naming-word. lame, crippled.
kukuparra naming-word. kookaburra.
kukurr naming-word. tree, branch, stick, wood, object made of.
kulangay naming-word. partly full.
kulari naming-word. grass parrot.
kulay naming-word. net bag.
kulku naming-word. pit.
kulkuy naming-word. water hen.
kulpirr naming-word. 1. some.
2. a few.
kulukaaru naming-word. bird's crop.
kuna naming-word. faeces, poo.
kunaaru naming-word. wood duck.
kunaka doing-word. defecate!, poo!, take a shit!. Usage: This is the command form of the word.
kunanha doing-word. defecate, poo. Usage: This is the present form of the word.
kunanhi doing-word. defecated, pooed. Usage: This is the past form of the word.
kunankirri doing-word. to defecate, to poo. Usage: This is the purpose form of the word.
kunarr ALSO: kunharr. naming-word. pademeleon (mammal).
kunayaka doing-word. will/might defecate, will/might poo. Usage: This is the future form of the word.
kunh ALSO: kuy. ALSO: kuuy. naming-word. whiteman.
kunii ALSO: kuniim, kuniing, kuniinh, kuniiny. naming-word. mother.
kunimarr naming-word. indentation of spear.
kuningurru naming-word. a nest in a burrow.
kuninytyarr naming-word. female.
kuntaa naming-word. cloud, clouds. Usage: Not thundery or streaky clouds.
kunungkali doing-word. dig hard, sew hard. Literally: do with energy-pierce
kununhthaay naming-word.
kunuyali doing-word. to shout, to talk loudly, to sing out. Literally: do with energy-speak
kunytyi naming-word. house.
kupali doing-word. to chase.
Kuparr naming-word. Cobar.
kuparr naming-word. 1. raddle.
2. ochre.
kupiyi doing-word. chased.
kurakay naming-word. brushtail possum. Trichosurus vulpecula.
kurayngkuraynya naming-word. grass parrot.
Kurikuta ALSO: Kurrikuta. See: Kurrikuta naming-word. names and place names. powerful female sky being, made of quartz crystal.
kuripan naming-word. curlew.
kurraarr naming-word. far away.
kurraarrpali doing-word. to pelt, to hit to knock down (e.g., quandongs).
kurraarrpara doing-word. pelt/pelting, hit/hitting to knock down (e.g., quandongs).
kurraarrpiyi doing-word. threw.
kurraluu naming-word. liver.
kurrawin naming-word. flower.
kurrikurri naming-word. fallen log.
Kurrikuta ALSO: Kurikuta. naming-word. powerful female sky being made of quartz crystals.
kurrukun naming-word. bull, cow, cattle, bullock, steer, heifer. Bos bovis.
kurrumin naming-word. 1. shadow, reflection. Kaarranhi thurru kurruminku. The snake crawled into the shadow.
2. picture, photgraph, image.
kurrungakirri ALSO: kurungakirri. doing-word. to swim.
kurrunganha doing-word. swim, swimming.
kurrunganhi doing-word. swam.
kurrungkirri doing-word. to enter, to put on (clothes).
kurruu naming-word. bandicoot.
kurukakirri ALSO: kuruka. doing-word. to be in.
kurukali doing-word. to put in.
kurukiyi doing-word. put inside (past tense).
kurumiyi doing-word. caused to enter; put in. Kurumiyityuna katyalkirrantyi. I put it in the drum.
kurun naming-word. grass.
kurungan naming-word. emu feather.
kurunhthilakirri doing-word. to gather.
kurunhthilanha doing-word. gather, gathering.
kurunhthilanhi doing-word. gathered.
kurunhthilatha doing-word. gather!.
kutakuta naming-word. night hawk.
kuthal naming-word. fat, fat one.
kuthi naming-word. song.
kutyityi naming-word. butcher bird.
kuukaarr naming-word. tree goanna.
kuulakirri doing-word. to get warm.
kuulithithi naming-word. peewee, mudlark, cleestin (bird).
kuulpali doing-word. mimic, mock, imitate.
kuupatha naming-word. ground dove.
kuuy ALSO: kuy. naming-word. whiteman.
kuwanhthaa naming-word. quandong.
kuwarayi naming-word. quarry hen, quarrion, cockatiel. = wirupa.
kuway naming-word. blood.
kuwayu describing-word. for a long time.
kuwayupu describing-word. still, always.
kuy naming-word. whiteman.
kuya naming-word. fish.
kuyan naming-word. shame.
kuyungan naming-word. one's own.
maa doing-word. do (it)! make (it)!.
maanhthuka naming-word.
maka topic-marker. other.
makala ALSO: malakam, makalang, makalanh, makalany. naming-word. ALSO: makalang. back. ALSO: makalanh.
makanyi naming-word. mallee. Mallee as it grows in an open sandy environment.
maki naming-word. uncooked, unripe, raw.
makumal describing-word.
makuu naming-word. one, single, alone. Makumakuu yanakirri (Just) one or two (of us) will have to go.
malaa doing-word. do [it]!. Ngintuwaantani malaa, ngathuni wantuka malakala. You do it first, I will do it later on.
malaka doing-word. will do, might do. Ngintuwaantani malaa, ngathuni wantuka malakala. You do it first, I will do it later on.
mali naming-word. mallee.
mali doing-word. to make, to do.
maliyan naming-word. eaglehawk.
malka naming-word. mulga.
malta naming-word. 1. lump or clod of earth, lump of ice.
malu naming-word. silent, silent one.
maluman naming-word. lerp. Sweet edible white scale on eucalypt leaves.
mama doing-word. 1. catch. You caught a mosquito. Kumukintu mamiyi.
2. fetch.
mamalaka doing-word. might catch, will catch. Wantangkupara ngiyaniki mamalaka. The Wanta might get us.
mamali doing-word. to get, to catch, to seize.
mamiyi doing-word. 1. took.
2. caught.
manapikirri ALSO: manapi. doing-word. to go hunting, to go in search for game.
manapinya doing-word. hunt/hunting, going in search for game.
manapinyi doing-word. hunted, went in search for game. I went hunting more than you. Ngathu manapinyi mankaan nginuuthi
manhang naming-word. white paint.
mankaan describing-word. 1. very.
2. too hard.
3. at all.
4. more than.
mankarr naming-word. wrinkly, scaly, sticky.
manmili doing-word. to follow.
mantangkul topic-marker. good job. Mantangkulthiintu wangaay ngiyiyi. Good job you didn't tell me.
manumali steal. Literally: do to someone else's-do (with hand)
manumiyi doing-word. stole.
manunhthiyi doing-word. stole.
manytya naming-word.
manytyaakata naming-word. bunched up.
mara naming-word. 1. hand, finger, five, upper grindstone.
2. upper grindstone.
maramaraka naming-word. spider. Literally: hands-hands 'because he's all hands'.
marayipiya naming-word. old, old one.
marrathal naming-word. a long time ago.
marrathalpu naming-word. the begining of time, as far back in time as possible.
marrawul naming-word. 1. house mouse. Mus musculus.
2. marsupial mouse, common dunnart. Sminthopsis murina. = thunpaka.
marrawuy naming-word. red kangaroo. Macropus rufus.
marrayipiya naming-word.
marrkun naming-word. ankle.
mathaa naming-word. wet, damp.
matharr naming-word. wet earth.
mathil naming-word. thick, thick one.
mathu describing-word. many.
matu naming-word. many.
mawirr naming-word. string, cord. Puyukalukal kirraa mawirri pantiyi. They tied leaves around their shins. Warrikal yarraamanlukal mawirri pantiyi. They tamed wild horses into harness (lit. 'They tied wild horses into string.')
mayaal naming-word. incompetent.
mayi ALSO: mayim. ALSO: maying. ALSO: mayiny. naming-word. Aboriginal person.
mayingkiyi doing-word. failed.
mayngkali doing-word. spear unsuccessfully, sew unsuccessfully. Literally: fail-pierce
maynykiyamali doing-word. cook unsuccessfully, light a fire unsuccessfully. Literally: fail-do with fire
maypurrpali doing-word. to close gut for cooking, to skewer gutted belly.
miimali doing-word. to hold.
miimiyi doing-word. held.
miithumiithuka ALSO: miityumiityuka. ALSO: miithuungka. naming-word. soldier bird, miner. See: miithuungka See: miityumiityuka Usage: This is a Trida mob word. Miityumiityuka is also a Trida mob word for the solider bird. The Keewong mob word is 'miithuungka'.
miithuungka ALSO: miithumiithuka. ALSO: miityumiityuka. naming-word. soldier bird, miner. Usage: This is the Keewong mob word. The Trida mob words are miithumiithuka, miityumiityuka. See: miithumiithuka See: miityumiityuka
miityumiityuka naming-word. soldier bird, miner. See: miithumiithuka Usage: This is the Trida mob word
miiyakan naming-word. people who are not eligible marriage partners.
mil naming-word. 1. eye.
2. seed.
milan neighbourhood, vicinity.
milkaay naming-word.
mingka naming-word. burrow. Ngaayakantu thinaluku mingkaka. You will see his foot(mark) by the burrow.
minya ALSO: minyang. question-word. what?, something (I don't know what). Minya 'what' can be used to mean 'Say it again'.
minyaar ALSO: minyaarr. question-word. what part?.
minyala question-word. what place?, where?.
minyali question-word. what?.
minyalu question-word. what?, something (I don't know what). Minyalukaathi puntira Something, I don't know what, is getting me down/making me feel downtrodden.
minyaminyagaa naming-word. rubbish, rubbish one, rubbishy, rubbishy one.
minyanalmayng ALSO: minyanalmayny. topic-marker. how many?.
minyang ALSO: minya. question-word. what?, something (I don't know what).
minyangalmay ALSO: minyangalmayny. question-word. ALSO: minyangalmayny. how much, how many, what quantity.
minyangalmayny ALSO: minyangalmay. ALSO: minyangalmay. topic-marker. how much, how many, what quantity.
minyangku question-word. what for?, for what goal?, why?. Minyangkuwaantu yananha? Why are you going?
minyawaa ALSO: minya. question-word. what?, something (I don't know).
mirri naming-word. dog (domestic). Mirrityii pipuwawanhi murruka My dog ran along ahead. Mirri tharrki yananhi purraytyi. The dog stepped over the child. Canis familiaris.
mirrka naming-word. cave.
mityaangkaanhthu ALSO: mityaangkaay. ALSO: mityaanka. naming-word. redbreast (bird), scarlet robin. Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is mityaanka.
mityaangkaay ALSO: mityaangkaanhthu. ALSO: mityaanka. naming-word. redbreast (bird), scarlet robin. Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is mityaanka. See: mityaangkanka See: mityaangkangkaay
mityaangkangkaay naming-word. redbreast (bird), scarlet robin. See: mityaangkaay Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is mityaanka. See: mityaangkanka See: mityaangkangkaay
mityaanka naming-word. redbreast, scarlet robin. This is the Keewong mob word. The Trida mob words are mityaangkaay and mityaangkangkaay. Usage: This is the Keewong mob word. The Trida mob word is mityaankaay or mityaangkangkaay. See: mityaankaay
mityaankaay ALSO: mityaanka K. naming-word. redbreast, scarlet robin. Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is mityaanka. See: mityaanka
miyarr naming-word. wind.
miyarrpiil determining-word. 1. into the wind, up wind.
mukaa naming-word. asleep.
mukamukam naming-word. half-asleep, half-asleep one.
mukapankay naming-word. skinny, skinny one.
mukarr naming-word. porcupine grass, burr, prickle. Any prickly or burry plant.
mukil naming-word. 1. wild orange, wild orange tree.
mukirr naming-word. hunting net.
muku naming-word.
mula naming-word. pus.
mulanmali doing-word. repeat, do over and over. Literally: do repeatedly-do (with hand)
mulanthinmali ALSO: mulantinmali. doing-word. to hit repeatedly. Literally: do repeatedly-hit
munil naming-word. hole, narrow hole, crack.
munku naming-word. stomach, tripe. tripe.
munkurrmali doing-word. to break an animal's joints before cooking.
muntupa naming-word. anything made of iron or steel.
muntyana naming-word. tomtit birs.
munuukaa ALSO: munuukaam. ALSO: munuukaang. ALSO: munuukaanh. ALSO: munukaany. Usage: The different variants are used when there are different suffixes or word-endings added to the word. naming-word. elbow.
munypu topic-marker. suddenly.
murra naming-word. spear.
murrku naming-word. grunter (bird).
murru naming-word. 1. road.
2. front, way ahead.
murrupirr naming-word.
murruthaa naming-word. nose, beak.
murruu naming-word. grasshopper.
muru naming-word. loose dirt. Loose freshly dug dirt, such as is found around the mouth of inhabited burrows.
muthi naming-word. nest.
muthili doing-word. to hammer, to pound, to thrash.
mutimuti naming-word. barking bird.
mutuka naming-word. car, motorcar. From English 'motorcar'
muulyii naming-word. zebra finch.
muumparaay naming-word. big spotted frog. lymnodastes dosalis.
muumparayng naming-word. bullfrog.
muun naming-word. alive.
muunkiyamali doing-word. to burn up. Literally: do to all-do with fire
muunkiyamara doing-word. burn up, burning up. Literally: do to all-do with fire
muunpili doing-word. to give all, to throw all. Literally: do to all-do away
muunpu naming-word. full moon.
muuntali doing-word. to eat or drink right up. Literally: do to all-to with mouth
muwa ALSO: muwang. ALSO: muwam. ALSO: muwanh. ALSO: muwany. naming-word. ALSO: muwang. 1. body hair.
2. fur.
3. feathers. kilaangku-muwa galah feathers
muwampi naming-word. bag shelter moth.
ngaaka doing-word. look!. Nganaynyangurr karul ngaaka! Look at the top of the rock!
ngaakanmakirri doing-word. to feel. To feel cold, fed up etc.
ngaakirri doing-word. to see. to look. to watch. Nginalaa mityaankaay wiiminyi, waawaytyalu ngaakirri, pathanaarra munili. Redbreast sat watching this (place), so that he could see waaway coming out of the hole.
ngaamurru naming-word. sick-making.
ngaanha doing-word. see. look. watch. Yatathu ngaanha makuuthi mili I see well out of one eye
ngaanhi doing-word. saw. looked. watched. Pulakarrathuna ngaanhi. I saw him twice.
ngaankuwaa question-word. whose?. Ngaankuwaa ngina mutuka kara? Whose is that car?
ngaanti ALSO: ngaantiwaa. question-word. who?.
ngaantika question-word. who?.
ngaantingaantiwaa question-word. who (plural)?. Ngaantingaantiwaa manapinyi? Who (which people (plural)) went hunting?
ngaantityi question-word. who?.
ngaantiwaa ALSO: ngaanti. question-word. who?. Ngaantiwaa wangaay manapinyi? Who didn't go hunting?
ngaantu question-word. who?. Ngaantuwaanuu pumiyi? Who hit you?
ngaaraymali doing-word. to show.
ngaarrka naming-word. wait a while bush. Acacia colletioides.
ngaarukirri doing-word. to drink.
ngaarunha doing-word. drink, drinking.
ngaawaa topic-marker. yes. Ngaawaa? Ngaayakathiintu! Yes? You watch me!
ngaayaaliyaka doing-word. might see again, might look again, might watch again. wityupaarrukaathunuu ngaayaaliyaka! Don't know when I'll be seeing you again!
ngaayaka doing-word. might see. might look. might see. Ngaawaa? Ngaayakathiintu! Yes? You watch me!
ngakali to poke a hole to see what's there. Literally: test-pierce
ngaku determining-word. there.
ngalampali doing-word. to swear, to abuse. (He) was going on swearing. Ngalampalkiyi.
ngalampalkiyi doing-word. to swear, to abuse. (He) was going on swearing. Ngalampalkiyi.
ngalan naming-word. flame, light.
ngalanmaa doing-word. light a fire!.
ngalanmalaka doing-word. will light a fire, might light a fire.
ngalanmali doing-word. to light a fire, in order to light a fire.
ngalanmiyi doing-word. lit a fire.
ngalarr naming-word.
ngalii we two, us. We must get stuck into it! Ngaliiwaantani mali!
ngalikii us two.
ngalki naming-word. little finger, little toe.
ngalu determining-word. 1. that. that
2. that. that
ngamali doing-word. to feel with hand. Literally: test-do (with hand)
ngambali doing-word. to cover, to bury in soil.
ngampa naming-word.
ngampurr doing-word. to rumble, i.e., indicating approaching thunder.
ngampurr naming-word. whirlywind.
ngamu naming-word. breast, breast milk.
ngamumali doing-word. to lay an egg.
ngamumiyi doing-word. laid an egg.
ngamungkirri doing-word. to suckle.
ngana determining-word. that.
ngani determining-word. there, that.
nganira naming-word. lightness in the sky before sun or moon rise over a distant fire or town.
ngankarri naming-word. alert, alert one.
nganpali doing-word. to cover, to bury. Bury in soil.
ngantal naming-word. mouth.
nganu ALSO: nganung. ALSO: ngaanu. ALSO: ngaanung. naming-word. hut, miamia. Puluurr wiinyi ngaanungka. The frogmouth sat on the hut.
ngap naming-word. a sudden silence, phut.
ngapiyi doing-word. shut up (past). Usage: 'Ngap' is like 'phut' in English. It has been heard in reference to a candle going out and to a car breaking down, as well as to a porcupine falling silent.
ngara ALSO: ngarang. ALSO: ngaranh. naming-word. tank.
ngararrpaa naming-word. sorry-making.
ngarrkaray naming-word. leopardwood tree.
ngarrpa naming-word. bag.
ngarrpu describing-word. enough.
ngarrul naming-word.
ngathali doing-word. taste. Literally: test-do with mouth
ngathankaa topic-marker. believed to be true. Ngathankaalu kuya mamiyi I think she caught a fish
ngathara doing-word. taste, tasting.
ngathay naming-word.
ngathi determining-word. that. there.
ngathii me, my. My head is no good. Ngathii pala warraay kara.
ngathili doing-word. to test with foot, e.g., try for a foothold. Literally: test-do with foot
ngathu I. Ngathu mukaa yuwanhikalay. All I did was sleep. Ngathu yananha kalingku. I am going to the water.
ngawarr naming-word. pouch.
ngawu naming-word. night, darkness.
ngiing ALSO: ngiiny. naming-word. anus.
ngiku determining-word. this.
ngilu determining-word. 1. this.
ngimali doing-word. to rub, to paint.
ngimpali doing-word. to uncover, to remove food cooked from hole.
ngimpi naming-word. bone.
ngina determining-word. this.
ngini determining-word. here. Kapataa pilangaala ngini ngityalaka. It will rain here next month.
ngintu you. You are said to have been sick. Ngintuthan kirrampiyi.
nginuu you, your. I told her to wake you. Nathuna ngiyiyi kirrmali nginuu.
ngityali doing-word. to rain, bound to rain. Yurrungku ngityali It is bound to rain (literally: the rain is bound to rain)
ngityangityali doing-word. to drizzle.
ngityara doing-word. rain, raining. Yurrungku ngityara It is raining (literally: The rain is raining)
ngityi determining-word. 1. this.
2. here.
ngityiyi doing-word. rained. Yurrungku ngityiyi It rained (literally: The rain rained)
ngiya naming-word. word, talk, the law. Mayingku ngiya Aboriginal law
ngiyali doing-word. to speak, to say, to tell.
Ngiyampaa naming-word. name for the Ngiyampaa language and people, wordworld. Ngiyampaa literally means 'wordworld'.
ngiyangkaraa naming-word. story, speech, language.
ngiyani = ngiyanu. us, we. This form is marked in the grammar with 'T' which means it came from an informantfrom Trida.
ngiyanikii us all.
ngiyaningkii us.
ngiyanu = ngiyani. us, we. Wangaay ngintu kurrungayaka. Ngiyanunangkalay. You are not going to swim. Only us. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water. This form is marked in the grammar with a 'K', which means it came from an informant from Keewong.
ngiyiyi doing-word. tell, told.
nguka doing-word. give!. Ngintuthiini nguka! You give this to me!
ngukirri doing-word. to give.
ngukiyilitya doing-word. give for (other/someone). Ngintuthiini ngukiyilitya! You give this for me!
ngulu naming-word. face, forehead.
ngulungkiyarr naming-word. headband.
ngunha doing-word. give. Ngunhalathiina Then he gives it to me.
ngunhi doing-word. gave. Nginalaa mirri ngintu pumiyipa, thiukaathuna ngunhi. This dog which you hit I gave meat to (literally: You hit this dog-pa, I gave it meat.)
ngunuukaa naming-word. elbow. Trida dialect.?
ngupaan naming-word. spouse, lover.
ngupungkikirri doing-word. to drive.
ngurra ALSO: ngurram. ALSO: ngurrang. ALSO: ngurrany. ALSO: ngurranh. naming-word. camp, home, bed, country. Kalupiliina ngurra wamiyi. We two built camps, each making (her) own. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water.
ngurrampaa naming-word. country, homeland, camp world. Literally: camp-world
ngurrampal naming-word.
ngurrampula naming-word. bower bird.
ngurruy ALSO: ngurruym. ALSO: ngurruyng. ALSO: ngurruynh. ALSO: ngurruyny. naming-word. emu. Usage: The different variants are used when different suffixes or 'word-endings' are added to the end of the word.
ngurunhu naming-word. crabhole, swamp.
nguukuu naming-word. boobook owl, 'moopoop'.
nguurraa naming-word. light (not heavy).
nguuya naming-word. special creature of the wirringan mayi 'cleverman', familiar.
nhaalya naming-word. fallen leaf litter.
nhama naming-word. ash.
nhampii naming-word.
nhanikuut naming-word. goat. Capra hircus. From English 'nanny goat'
nhanya naming-word. persistent, persistence.
nhayu naming-word. knife.
nhiilyi naming-word. nelia tree.
nhiinmay naming-word. penis.
nhimali doing-word. to pinch.
nhirriin outside, edge.
nhukali doing-word. to swallow.
nhukii naming-word. throat, front of neck.
nhukuy naming-word. fly eggs.
nhukuypali doing-word. be maggotty, be fly blown.
nhuna ALSO: nhunanh. ALSO: nhunam. ALSO: nhunany. naming-word. grass seed.
nhunpali doing-word. to close, to enclose.
nhurru ALSO: nhurrung. ALSO: nhurrunh. ALSO: nhurrum. ALSO: nhurruny. 1. naming-word. arm, upper arm, foreleg.
2. naming-word. wing.
paamirr naming-word. long, tall.
paapaa ALSO: paapaang. naming-word. father.
paapimpaang naming-word. grandfather.
paarangkirri doing-word. to jump, to hop.
Paawan naming-word. Barwon River, Darling River.
Paawankay naming-word. Paakantji people, Paakantji language.
paka naming-word. wild banana vine. 'Thupa' is the fruit of the wild banana vine, the wild banana.
pakaa doing-word. dig!. Usage: This is the command form of the word
pakalaka doing-word. will/might dig. Pakalakalantuna Then you'll dig it (out) Usage: This is the future form of the word.
pakali doing-word. to dig.
pakanmiyi doing-word. behaved.
pakapula naming-word. bladder. Pakapula thalathalarrpiya. (My) bladder's pretty shiny (from twisting to dig burrows).
pakara doing-word. dig, digging. Usage: This is the present form of the word.
pakay 1. naming-word. egg shell.
2. naming-word. scales of bogeye, long-neck turtle egg shell, shell of mussel.
paki naming-word. water's edge.
pakin naming-word. boil, sore.
pakutha naming-word. fox. Vulpes vulpes.
pala ALSO: palang. naming-word. head. Palangka miimiyi, wangaaytyan ngiyanuna ngaakirri (They) held them against (their) heads, so that we shouldn't see (them).
palathali doing-word. to nibble. Literally: do with little energy-do with mouth
palayali doing-word. to whisper. Literally: do with little energy-speak
palima naming-word. sky. Thipi parranha palimaka. Birds are flying in the sky. Kapataa palimaka wampanha. The moon is in the sky.
palkaa naming-word. ALSO: palkaang. ALSO: palaanh. boomerang. I made a little boomerang. Ngathu palkaanhthul miyi.
palpali doing-word. to dig, to scrabble scrabble. Purraathu palpara, yaaypakuthaku. The child is scrabbling like a fox.
palta naming-word.
palungkirri doing-word. to die.
pampuu naming-word. shoe.
pana naming-word. flesh, muscle, lean meat.
pangkapa ALSO: pangkapaa. naming-word. white.
pankal naming-word. country.
pankali doing-word. to burn something.
pankanha doing-word. dries, drying.
pankay naming-word. jumper ant.
pankiyi doing-word. burnt something. Mayingku wii pankiyi, kirrpatya wirringkirriku The person burnt a fire to get warm.
pantali doing-word. to tie.
pantarr naming-word. old man kanagaroo.
pantiyi doing-word. tied. Puyukalukal kirraa mawirri pantiyi. They tied leaves around their shins. Warrikal yarraamanlukal mawirri pantiyi. They tamed wild horses into harness (lit. 'They tied wild horses into string.')
pantur naming-word. thunder.
panturr naming-word. thunder.
panturr miimalmiimal naming-word. 'flycatcher' skink. Literally: thunder holder
papampula naming-word. bellbird.
paparr naming-word. wooden shovel with pointed handle.
papilaa 1. naming-word. native cat, wild cat, quoll. Dasyurus geoffroii. RH Matthew records a story about wild cat escaping from a fight with possum by turning into fog and dancing away (Mt Manara, c 1900), and JB records a Paakantyi story 'Fog and possum' (1950s).
2. naming-word. fog. Papilaa wakanha The fog is swirling. (Literally: The fog is dancing).
papirr naming-word. large, big, tall.
papirrpapirr naming-word. very large, very big, very tall.
paraay naming-word. fast, quick.
parraa naming-word. blue crane, grey crane.
parraan naming-word. rib.
parraay naming-word. fast, quick.
parrangkirri doing-word. to fly, to rise, to get up.
parrawiyi doing-word. asked.
parrima naming-word. gun.
parrpay naming-word. rock wallaby. Petrogale penicillata.
parurr naming-word. failing to grow.
pata naming-word. dress, skirt, clothes.
pathaampathaanh naming-word. a specific poison. Pathaampathaanh is a specific kind of poison, not the general word for poison.
pathaaympaala naming-word. bat.
pathali doing-word. to come, to come out, to appear.
pathiyi doing-word. emerged, arrived, came.
patik naming-word. fence.
patinmiyi doing-word. hit.
pawaarr naming-word. rug, skin rug.
pawal naming-word. fowl (bird). From English 'fowl'.
pawu ALSO: pawung. centre : middle. Ngathu pawungka yuwakirri. I must lie in the middle.
pawung middle, centre.
pii naming-word. arm, forearm.
piiluru naming-word. swift. "When piiluru fly about there'll be a big storm."
pikapaa naming-word.
pikarri naming-word. strength.
pikipiki naming-word. pig. Sus scrofa. From English 'pig' Waa! pikipikipitityu winanganhi! Hey! I thought (there was) a big pig! pig from English
pikun naming-word. water rat. Hydromys chrysogaster.
pilaarr naming-word. belah tree.
pilangaal naming-word. next, next one. Kapataa pilangaala ngini ngityalaka. It will rain here next month.
pili naming-word. gum, tar, resin, pitch.
pilikuut naming-word. goat, billygoat. From English 'billygoat'
pilityu naming-word. dotterel, sandpiper, billy-jo.
pilpi naming-word. bilby.
pilthatharra naming-word. banded plover.
pimpi naming-word. woodpecker bird.
pininpininya naming-word. tomtit (bird), buff-tailed thornbill.
pinku tip, point.
pinpali doing-word. to shout at, to rouse on.
pintal naming-word.
pintal determining-word. right.
pintuukay naming-word. mussel.
pinytyayi naming-word.
pipitya naming-word. hawk.
pipuwakirri doing-word. to run, to drive in a vehicle, to travel.
pipuwanha doing-word. run/running, drive/driving in a vehicle, travel/travelling.
pirrapili doing-word. to be hungry.
pirrayaa naming-word. pelican.
pirri naming-word. chest.
pirrikirraparaay naming-word. redbreast (bird). Literally: breast-red
pirrimpirrinya naming-word. tomtit (bird). See: pininpininya
pirrku naming-word. scrub.
pirrkun naming-word. storm bird. See: puthungkiyan See: thalpurr
pirrukaa naming-word. baldy coot, coot. Pirrukaa nest in the long grass, cane grass
pirrumpirruu naming-word. rainbow bird.
pituraa naming-word. cloth.
pityarr naming-word. male.
piyaka naming-word. tobacco.
piyalpu describing-word. always.
puka naming-word. stinking, rotten, dead.
pukaayangkay naming-word. old person of either sex.
pukil naming-word. pleased, happy.
pukipaa naming-word.
pula ngunpay naming-word. four.
pulakarr naming-word. two, a pair, twice. Pulakarrathuna ngaanhi. I saw him twice.
pulawa naming-word. flour. From English 'flour'.
pulaympulay naming-word. blue bonnet (bird).
pulayngkin naming-word. blanket. From English 'blanket'.
pulun naming-word. white spoonbill, spoonbill.
puluthurr naming-word. dove, diamond dove.
puluurr naming-word. frogmouth. Thipinytyul pathiyi, puluurrthul. A little bird appeared, the little frogmouth. Puluurr wiinyi nganungka The frogmouth sat on the miamia/hut
puluy naming-word. black.
pumalaka doing-word. 1. will hit, might hit. If you first hit him, then he will hit you. Ngintuwaanta pumanaarra, yaanhthulaanuulu pumalaka.
2. will kill, might kill. "Wishooy, You two won't kill any animals!' 'Wishuuy, wangaayntupulaa thingkaa pumalaka!'
pumali doing-word. 1. to hit. If you first hit him, then he will hit you. Ngintuwaanta pumanaarra, yaanhthulaanuulu pumalaka.
2. to kill.
pumiyi doing-word. 1. hit.
2. killed.
pumpaa naming-word. short.
pumpili doing-word. to blow. We blew up a (kangaroo) pouch into aball. Pumpiyi ngiyanuna ngawarrthapilku.
pumpira doing-word. blow, blowing.
pumpiyi doing-word. blew. We blew up a (kangaroo) pouch into aball. Pumpiyi ngiyanuna ngawarrthapilku.
punaa naming-word. night owl, night hawk, boobook owl, moopoop.
punan naming-word. dust.
pungkiyi doing-word. flogged, dusted.
pungku naming-word. many. pungkupu all
punhthu naming-word.
punkamali doing-word. to open. Literally: open-do (with hand)
punku describing-word. many.
punpirr naming-word.
puntaayng ALSO: puntay. naming-word. knee.
puntay ALSO: puntayng. ALSO: puntaayng. naming-word. knee.
punti naming-word. round ended club.
pupay naming-word. small, short.
pupu ALSO: puupuu. naming-word. being associated with initiation ceremonies. People prefer to avoid naming mythical beings such as pupu/puupuu and thuwi. Instead they refer to them as wanta/waanta, i.e. 'ulgy ones' (even when speaking English).
pupunhaam naming-word. pupu tucker. Pupunhaam is a synonym for tharramulan 'yam', said by Ngiyampaa consultants to mean literally 'one legged' (tharraN- is 'thigh, leg'). Pupu are the mythical beings who 'take away the boys to make them into men', according to the women who reminisce in Text 1 (in Ngiyampaa Worldworld, 2nd edition) about their experience of preparations for the purrpa (initiation ceremony).
purakali doing-word. to snap off. Literally: snap off-pierce
purangun naming-word. black duck.
purawaarr naming-word. kittyhawk.
purimal naming-word. fly.
purraa ALSO: purraay. naming-word. child.
purraalka naming-word. brolga.
purraay naming-word. child. Mirri tharrki yananhi purraytyi. The dog stepped over the child. Purraay wakaymanha. The child is playing. The term 'purraay' can refer to a daughter or a son.
purrangun naming-word. black duck.
purriman naming-word. tame, tame one.
purrkiyan ALSO: puthukat. ALSO: putyikat. naming-word. cat (introduced, not native cat). Felis catus. Usage: Purrkiyan is an earlier and less common form that puthukat
purrpa ALSO: purrpanh. naming-word. ceremony for making boys into men, initiation ceremony. Mayilukal purrpanhthi pantiyi. They put people through the rules (lit. 'They tied people into the purrpa.')
purrpaa doing-word. pluck!, uproot!. To pluck feathers, hair etc.
purrpalaka doing-word. will/might pluck, will/might uproot. To pluck feathers, hair etc.
purrpali doing-word. to pluck, to uproot. To pluck feathers, hair etc.
purrpara doing-word. pluck, plucking, uproot, uprooting. To pluck feathers, hair etc.
purrpi naming-word. belly, stomach, paunch, tripe.
purrpil naming-word. pillow to beat time for songs. Tamsin Donaldson writes: 'Time was kept [for songs] by thumping a small burbil [purrpil] or "pillow" of crumpled rag. Informants do not know what the pillow was made of before rag was available. Women sang and "beat their rugs" according to Matthews (1897:128)'. (Ngiyampaa: The Language of the Wangaaybuwan, page 307)
purrpilaka doing-word. will beat time, might beat time. See: purrpira See: purrpiya See: purrpiyaa See: purrpiyi See: purrpil
purrpili doing-word. to beat time, in order to beat time. See: purrpira See: purrpiya See: purrpiyaa See: purrpiyi See: purrpilaka See: purrpil
purrpira ALSO: purrpiya. doing-word. beat time, beating time. See: purrpiyaa See: purrpiyi See: purrpil Usage: Tamsin Donaldson wrotes that Trida speakers preferred present forms with 'ra' and Keewong speakers preferred 'ya' at the end of present tense L2 verbs (see Ngiyampaa: The Language of the Wangaaybuwan, page.158)
purrpiya ALSO: purrpira. doing-word. beat time, beating time. See: purrpiyaa See: purrpiyi See: purrpil Usage: Tamsin Donaldson wrotes that Trida speakers preferred present forms with 'ra' and Keewong speakers preferred 'ya' at the end of present tense L2 verbs (see Ngiyampaa: The Language of the Wangaaybuwan, page.158)
purrpiyaa doing-word. beat time!. See: purrpiyi See: purrpil
purrpiyi doing-word. beat time (past). Winarruluku purrpiyi His woman beat time [with her purrpil]. See: purrpil
purrurrkiyan naming-word. ibis.
purruungkaa naming-word. bull ant.
puru naming-word. testicles.
putharrpakirri doing-word. to smell something.
puthu naming-word. smoke.
puthukat ALSO: purrkiyan. ALSO: putyikat. naming-word. cat (introduced cat, not native), pussy cat. Felis catus. from English 'pussycat'
puthungkiyan naming-word. storm bird. See: pirrkun, thalpurr
putu naming-word.
putupali doing-word. to smoke.
putyaan naming-word. Major Mitchell's cockatoo, wee juggler.
putyikat ALSO: purrkiyan. ALSO: puthukat. naming-word. cat (introduced, not native), pussy cat. Felis catus.
putyirriwaani ALSO: putyirriwan. naming-word. pretty, pretty one, fine, fine (one), good, good (one), the best one.
putyirriwan ALSO: putyirriwaani. naming-word. pretty, pretty one, fine, fine(one), good, good (one), the best one.
puuluraam naming-word. ram, male sheep. From English 'bull ram'.
puumpili doing-word. to blow.
puupuu ALSO: pupu. See: pupu naming-word. being associated with initiation ceremonies.
puyu naming-word. shin. Puyukalukal kirraa mawirri pantiyi. They tied leaves around their shins.
thaarrmay naming-word. clever (one).
thaarrun naming-word.
thaaympawataay naming-word.
thaayngulu facing this way.
thaka = kuna. naming-word. faeces while still in the body.
thakal naming-word. cheek, jaw.
thakapila naming-word. bag of bag shelter moth caterpillars.
thakarr naming-word. ice, frost, cold weather.
thakun naming-word. earth, dirt, sand, ground.
thakurrma naming-word. cemetery.
thalaa doing-word. eat!. Ngintupanini, thalaa! As for you, eat it!
thalaka doing-word. will eat. might eat.
thalan determining-word. now, just then, directly. 'Thalankalay ngina ngara putupanhi'. 'This is the first time that this tank has dried up'. Close to the reference time, just then, directly
thalangay naming-word. fresh, new.
thalanpu determining-word. now. At the reference time.
thalarrparay naming-word.
thalathalarrpi naming-word. shiny, shiny one.
thalay naming-word. angry, angry one.
thalaympaarr naming-word. sharp, sharp one.
thali doing-word. to eat. Purraathu thingkaa thali. The child has got to eat meat.
thalkuri naming-word. storm cloud.
thalpaay naming-word.
thalparr naming-word. shoulder.
thalpurr naming-word. storm bird, blue martin. See: pirrkun, puthungkiyan
thanhthalkura naming-word. babbler, chestnut crowned babbler.
thankurrumakirri doing-word. to dance in the shake-knees style.
thankurrumanha doing-word. dance/dancing in the shake-knees style.
thankurrumanhi doing-word. danced in the shake-knees style.
thanpali doing-word. to cook in hole, to cook in ashes.
thanpiyi doing-word. cooked in hole, cooked in ashes.
thantaay ALSO: thantaayng. naming-word. frog.
thapil naming-word. ball for throwing games. We blew up a (kangaroo) pouch into aball. Pumpiyi ngiyanuna ngawarrthapilku.
thara doing-word. eat, eating. Wangaay=tyu putu-ka yuwan tha-ra. I don't eat bread dry.
tharra ALSO: tharrang. ALSO: tharram. ALSO: tharrany. ALSO: tharranh. naming-word. thigh, lap, hindleg.
tharraang naming-word. drunk, drunk one.
tharrampal naming-word. 1. Milky Way.
2. path at ceremonial ground.
3. personal 'beat' or accustomed travelling range.
tharramulan naming-word. yam. See: pupunhaam
tharrawital naming-word. trousers.
tharrawiyaa naming-word. teal duck.
tharriyal naming-word. summer, warm weather.
tharrki describing-word. crossways. Mirri tharrki yananhi purraytyi. The dog stepped over the child (literally: The dog crossways went over the child)
tharrkun naming-word. nankeen night heron.
tharrmaay ALSO: tharramay. naming-word. clever, clever one, expert. 'Tharrmaay' refers to either a person or a piece of work.
tharrmay ALSO: tharrmaay. naming-word.
tharrmuu naming-word. womanizer.
thayaampali doing-word. to whisper.
thayi doing-word. ate. Kuyathu thayi. I ate a fish.
thiinpan naming-word. diver (bird).
thiinpay naming-word. walking stick.
thiirrpakirri doing-word. to know.
thiirrpanha doing-word. know, knowing.
thiirrpanhi doing-word. knew.
thiitu naming-word. bundle of goods for exchange.
thiiyal naming-word. owlet nightjarr, 'lady bird'. Thiiyal is also known as "lady bird" as it "made the women's privates" Usage: This is a Keewong mob word. The Trida mob word is thiral. See: thiral
thikarr naming-word. spine.
thikarrpila naming-word. echidna, 'porcupine'. Tachyglossus aculeatus. See: wantayaali
thiku naming-word. emu bush. Important for medicine.
thina ALSO: thinang. ALSO: thinanh. ALSO: thinany. ALSO: thinam. naming-word. foot, toe. Ngathu yananhi thinangka. I travelled on foot.
thingkaa ALSO: thingkaang, thingkaanh. naming-word. 1. animal, meat.
2. a person's 'meat' or totem.
thinil naming-word. louse egg, head louse egg, nits.
thintarr naming-word. bald.
thipa short cut.
thipi naming-word. ALSO: thiping. ALSO: thipiny. ALSO: thipii. ALSO: thipiing. ALSO: thipiiny. bird, bat. You might call a bat 'thipi' but not an emu. Emu is generally referred to as 'thingka' rather than 'thipi'.
thiral naming-word. owlet nightjar. Thiral is also referred to as "lady bird" because it "made the women's privates". Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is thiiyal. See: thiiyal
thiri naming-word. tea.
thirikirraa naming-word. tea leaf.
thirraan naming-word. slope, rise, mound, sandhill.
thirraanpiil determining-word. towards the sandhill, up the sandhill.
thirrama naming-word. hill. Wangaayni thirramathi kurunhi. He didn't get through the hill.
thirramali doing-word. to lift, to pick up. Literally: move up-do (with hand)
thirrangkal naming-word. flash, smart.
thirriil naming-word. cumbungi, bamboo, reed spear.
thirriway naming-word. happy families (bird), lousy jack (bird). Usage: This is the Keewong mob word. The Trida mob words are thitityaaru, tyirrityaaru. See: thitityaaru See: tyirrityaaru
thithathitha naming-word. masked plover.
thitityaaru naming-word. ALSO: tyirrityaaru. happy families (bird), lousy jack (bird). Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is thirriway. See: thirriway
thuka naming-word. sugar.
thukaay describing-word. really, a lot, indeed. thukaaypu for good and all
thulii naming-word. sand goanna.
thuliing naming-word. sand goanna.
thumpa ALSO: thumpang. naming-word. sheep. Ovis aries.
thumpi naming-word. lop-sided.
thun naming-word. tail.
thunhthuu naming-word. swan.
thuni naming-word. sun, day.
thuni kurunhapa naming-word. West, where the sun sets. Literally: where the sun goes in.
thuni patharapa naming-word. East, where the sun rises. Literally: where the sun comes out.
thunipiil determining-word. into the sun.
thunmakirri doing-word. to remove, let's remove. See: thunmanha See: thunmanhi
thunmanha doing-word. remove. See: thunmanhi
thunmanhi doing-word. removed. Purraay tharrawital thunmanhi A child removed (its) trousers.
thunmatha doing-word. remove!. See: thunmanha See: thunmanhi See: thunmakirri See: thunmayaka
thunmayaka doing-word. will/might remove. See: thunmanha See: thunmanhi See: thunmakirri See: thunmatha
thunpaka naming-word. mouse. Usage: This is a rarer word for 'mouse' than marrawul
thunpay naming-word. scorpion.
thupa naming-word. wild banana.
thupiyi naming-word. note of a robbin redbreast.
thupu naming-word. hat.
thuraay naming-word. streaky cloud.
thurraka doing-word. will/might prick, will/might spear.
thurri doing-word. to prick, to spear, to write.
thurrpi namiing-word. steep, steep one.
thurrpi doing-word. descend. Ngalutharrlii ngityi thurrpinya. We two are getting down out of here (or more literally: We two are descending downwards out of here (a caravan)).
thurrpinya doing-word. descend, descending, get down, getting down. Ngalutharrlii ngityi thurrpinya. We two are getting down out of here (or more literally: We two are descending downwards out of here (a caravan)).
thurrpitya doing-word. descend!, get down!. Ngalutharrlii ngityi thurrpinya. We two are getting down out of here (or more literally: We two are descending downwards out of here (a caravan)).
thurru naming-word. snake. Kaarranhi thurru kurruminku. The snake crawled into the shadow. Thurru refers to venemous snakes.
thurrurra describing-word. always.
thurul naming-word. kingfisher.
thuthupay ALSO: thuthupaym. ALSO: thuthupayng. ALSO: thuthupaynh. ALSO: thuthupayny. naming-word. honeyeater (bird). Usage: The variants are used when different suffixes or word-endings are added to the end of the word.
thutirr naming-word. lignum (plant).
thuurrkala ALSO: thuurrkalang. ALSO: thurrkala. ALSO: thurrkalang. naming-word. initiated man.
thuwakirri doing-word. to fall.
thuwat naming-word. shirt.
thuwi ALSO: thuwii. naming-word. hairy 'wanta' being who lives in caves. Wanta means 'ugly'. People prefer to avoid naming mythical beings such as pupu and thuwi. Instead they refer to them as wanta, i.e. 'ulgy ones' (even when speaking English). The kind of wata described at T2, is called thuwi on account of its call,"thuwi, thuwi, thuwi..."
tungkatungka naming-word. white browed babbler. Tungkatungka "names itself" and its call begins with its own 't' sound, not 'th' sound.
tyiirr ALSO: tyirr. naming-word. spirit of a dead person.
tyilityili naming-word.
tyirr ALSO: tyiirr. naming-word. spirit of a dead person.
tyirrityaaru naming-word. apostle bird, lousy jack (bird), happy families (bird).
tyirrityirri naming-word. willy wagtail.
tyirrpali doing-word. chip, whittle, rasp, smoothen, scrape at something to make a point.
tyukutyuku naming-word. chook, chicken. From English 'chook'
waa reaction-word. Hey!. Waa! pikipiki-pitityu winanganhi! ?Hey! I thought (there was) a big pig!?
waakan naming-word. crow. Usage: This is the Trida mob word. The Keewong mob word is waaru. See: waaru
waamali doing-word. to skin.
waangan naming-word. kidney fat, caul fat.
waanta See: wanta naming-word. ALSO: wantang. scary being. Wantangkunangkal kaanhilanga. The Wanta took them then. Wanta means 'ugly'. People prefer to avoid naming mythical beings such as pupu and thuwi. Instead they refer to them as wanta, i.e., 'ulgy ones' (even when speaking English).
waapakuul reaction-word. shut up!.
waarrpali doing-word. to embrace.
waarruy naming-word. apron.
waaru naming-word. crow. Usage: This is the Keewong mob word. The Trida mob word is waakan. See: waakan
waatyin naming-word. white woman.
Waaway naming-word. being that made the rivers, 'rainbow serpent'. Ngiyampaa speakers never translate the word 'waaway'. They liken 'waaway' to a big snake, and to the whale that swallowed Jonah.
wakakirri doing-word. to dance, to corroborre.
wakamara doing-word. sing, singing. kuthi wakamara He sings a song
wakanha doing-word. dance, dancing.
wakapali doing-word. to run, to gallop, to flow swiftly, to boil.
wakarr naming-word. axe.
wakarrpata naming-word. musk duck.
wakathunmakirri doing-word. to dance together, to corrobore together. Kurunhinangkal ngathilaa ngawukakalay, wakathunmakirriku. They went inside that windbreak, at night only, to corroboree together. See: wakakirri
wakathunmangilanha doing-word. generally dance/corroboree together, dance/corroboree together continuously. This is where they generally corroboree together.
wakaymali doing-word. to sing.
wakaymara doing-word. sing, singing, pretend, pretending, play, playing. Kalkikalu wakaymara. She pretends to be wild.
wakaymiyi doing-word. sang. Kaaringaangkuluku wakaymiyi. Her husband sang.
wakaymiyiliwaakiyi doing-word. sang for (them). Ngupaankalaytyaangku kuthilukungkal wakaymiyiliwaakiyi. A married couple used to sing their song for (them)
wakunpi naming-word. someone else's.
walan naming-word. hard.
walinytya naming-word. lonely, lonely one.
walinytyali doing-word. to be lonely, to be lonely for someone.
walka naming-word. kite hawk.
walkakirri doing-word. to climb, in order to climb, let's climb.
walkanha doing-word. climb, climbing, come up, coming up.
walkanhi doing-word. climbed, came up. Panturrpuwan yurru walkanhila. Then thundery rain came up.
walkatha doing-word. climb!, come up!. Ngaluynya walkatha! Climb up! Thaay ngaluynya walkatha! Climb up this way!
walkayaka doing-word. will/might climb, will/might come up. Panturrpuwan yurru walkanhila. Then thundery rain came up.
walparr naming-word. bent.
walu naming-word. loose bark. Loose strip of bark flying.
walung naming-word. bark ribbon.
waluuy naming-word. newly initiated man.
walya naming-word. vagina.
wama topic-marker. incorrectly.
wama ALSO: wamam. ALSO: wamang. naming-word. wrong, wrong one.
wamali doing-word. to build.
wamanha doing-word. build, building.
wamanhi doing-word. built.
wampuy naming-word. rock kangaroo, euro. Macropus robustus erubescens.
wanangkirri doing-word. to throw.
wanaparakirri doing-word. to leave someone or something.
wangaay topic-marker. no, not. Nobody will be left who can speak Ngiyampaa. Wangaay mayi wiiyaka, Ngiyampaa ngiyarapa.
wangapali doing-word. set fire to.
wangkarakirri doing-word. to forget, to get lost.
wangkaranha doing-word. forget, forgetting, get lost, getting lost.
wangkaranhi doing-word. forgot, got lost.
wangkawangkara doing-word. to forget completely, to get properly lost. Wangkawangkaraypunmara (He) makes you get properly lost
wangkay naming-word. meat ant.
wanhtha question-word. which?, where?.
wanhthaku question-word. which?, where?.
wanhthala question-word. which, where. Wanhthalawaana kara? Where is it? (literally: whereat is it?)
wanhthali question-word. which?, where?. Wanthaliwaana kara? Where is it in? (literally: wherein is it?)
wanhthalu question-word. which?, where?.
wanhthawaa question-word. which?.
wanta naming-word. ALSO: wantang. scary being. Wantangkunangkal kaanhilanga. The Wanta took them then. Wanta means 'ugly'. People prefer to avoid naming mythical beings such as pupu and thuwi. Instead they refer to them as wanta, i.e., 'ulgy ones' (even when speaking English).
wantarrmali doing-word. to mislay.
wantayaali See: thkarrpila naming-word. echidna, 'porcupine'. = thikarrpila. Tachyglossus aculeatus. This is a rarer synonym for thikarrpila.
wanthalawaa question-word. where?.
wantuka topic-marker. later. Ngintuwaantani malaa, ngathuni wantuka malakala. You do it first, I will do it later on.
wapali doing-word. to stare, to peep inquisitively.
wapu naming-word. dead end of a burrow.
warakirri doing-word. to stand, to grow.
waral naming-word. stiff muscle.
waran naming-word. root of tree.
warangun naming-word. spirit animating a living person. Ngani-laa mayi warangun kupa-tyili-nya. That persons warangun is chasisng itself. That person is rushing about.
waranha doing-word. stand, standing. Nginingurra kukurra kirrpatya waranha. A kangaroo is standing in front of the tree. Purraay kalingka waranha (There) are children by the water.
waranhaaninya doing-word. stand up. See: waranhaaninyi
waranhaaninyi doing-word. stood up. Waranhaaninyityu I stood up.
waranhi doing-word. stood. Minyangalmaywaa thuni waranhi? How many days did you take? (Literally: How many suns were there?)
warayaka doing-word. will/might stand. Milkaayluku thina warayaka matharra, kurunhaarra mingkathi. Its footmarks will stand out clearly in the wet earth, going into the burrow.
warayngamanha doing-word. stand busy, standing busy. Purraay thantaayngka piyalpu warayngamanha. The kid is forever catching frogs (literally: The child is always standing busy with frogs).
warayngamanhi doing-word. stood busy. Purraay thantaayngka piyalpu warayngamanhi. The kid was forever catching frogs (literally: The child was always standing busy with frogs).
warra right close, very close.
warraay naming-word. bad, dead (euphemism).
warraaykuuri naming-word.
warrikal naming-word. wild, wild one. Warrikal yarraamanlukal mawirri pantiyi. They tamed wild horses into harness (lit. 'They tied wild horses into string.')
warriyarr naming-word. warrior bush, wild currant. Warriyarr was burnt to ward off rain.
warrukay naming-word. butt of tree.
warrumiyi doing-word. picked up.
warungan naming-word. spirit of a living person.
watawata naming-word. rough.
wayumali doing-word. Literally: move in circles-do with hand to mix e.g., flour and water.
wayungkali doing-word. to stir e.g., tea. Literally: move in circles-pierce
wii naming-word. 1. fire, firewood.
2. match, lighter.
wiikirri doing-word. to sit, to sit down, to stay, to live, to be. must sit, must sit down, must stay, must live.
wiingamanha doing-word. be busy, sit busy. Michelle-ka wii-ngama-nha. Michelle is busy.
wiinya doing-word. sit, stay, live, be. Pirrikuka wiinya (She) is in the scrub Muuna wii-nya. It's alive. Nathu yananhi ngaku, kaathiityii wiinyapa. I went there, (to the place) where my sister lives.
wiinyi doing-word. sat, stayed, lived, was/were. Puluurr wiinyi ngaanungka Frogmouth sat on the hut/miamia
wiitya doing-word. sit!, stay!.
wiiwaakalaka doing-word. will/might stay on. Wiiwaakalakathu ngini. I might stay on here.
wiiwii naming-word. hot.
wiiyaka ALSO: wiilaka. doing-word. will/might stay, will/might sit, will/might live, will/might be. See: Wiiwaakalaka Wanaay mayi wiiyaka, Ngiyampaa nglyarapa. Nobody will be left who can speak Ngiyampaa. Nganintu malakapa, wangaay ngathu wiiyaka! "Whatever you going to do, I'm not going to stop!"
wiiyampay naming-word. headrest, pillow.
wiki naming-word. cooked, ripe.
wilimali doing-word. to scatter.
wilimiyi doing-word. scattered.
wilkarr naming-word. wilgah.
wilpaarr naming-word. wheeled vehicle : sulky.
wilpurr naming-word.
winangaa doing-word. hear!, listen!.
winangakirri doing-word. to think (about), to remember, let's think, let's remember.
winangalaka doing-word. will/might hear, will/might listen.
winangali doing-word. to hear, to listen, let's hear, let's listen.
winangalkara doing-word. eavesdrop, eavesdropping. Winangalkaralukal. They are eavesdropping.
winanganha doing-word. think (about), remember. Wangaayntu winanganha, ngarrpa ngipili. You don't remember how to net bags.
winanganhi doing-word. thought (about), remembered. Waa! Pikipikipitityu winanganhi! Hey! I thought (there was) a big pig!? Thipinytyityuna winanganhi I thought he was a bird Wangaaytyu winanganhi, ngathuthan nginalaa kirrpatya wirrinyipa. I didn't remember that I was supposed to have cooked this kangaroo.
winangapiyanhi doing-word. must have thought (about), must have remembered. Kaathiingkunuu winangapiyanhi. A sister (of yours) must have been thinking about you. Wangaaypuwan people believe that if someone of a particular kin relationship to you is thinking about you, then a certain part of your body will twitch. Therefore, if someone says that their shoulder muscle is twitching then someone else is likely to say something like this example.
winangara doing-word. hear, hearing, listen, listening. See: winangalkara
winangatha doing-word. think!, rembember!.
winangayaka doing-word. will/might think, will/might remember.
winarr naming-word. woman.
winytya naming-word. mud, silt.
wirra naming-word. tooth.
wirrakula naming-word. ring neck parrot.
wirrampu naming-word.
wirrangkara naming-word. hailstone.
wirrangurraa naming-word.
wirrii naming-word. open, open country. Ngathu wirriika yananhi. I travelled over open country.
wirringan naming-word. clever man.
wirringkirri doing-word. to cook, in order to cook. Mayingku wii pankiyi, kirrpatyathalu wirringkirri. The person burnt a fire [expressly] so that she could cook a kangaroo.
wirrinya doing-word. cook, cooking.
wirrinyi doing-word. cooked. Ngathu-than wirri-nyi. I am supposed to have cooked.
wirritya doing-word. cook (it)!. Nhamakanuu yurraapat wirrinytya yulaympuwan. Cook your rabbit in the ashes with (its) skin (on).
wirrityinmali doing-word. to knock down (e.g., quandongs). Literally: move down-hit
wirriwal naming-word. heavy.
wirriyaka doing-word. will cook, might cook.
wirrpakaa doing-word. split it!. Wirrpakaani. Split it! (a log, with an axe)
wirrpakali doing-word. to split. Literally: split-pierce
wirrpapiyaa doing-word. tear apart!. Karraani wirrpapiyaa! Don't tear it apart! (e.g., a magazine).
wirruu naming-word. wallaby, little scrub kangaroo.
wirruumpuray naming-word. mushroom.
wirupa naming-word. quarry hen. = kuwarayi.
wishuuy reaction-word. prevent something by saying the word 'wishuuy'.. Wishuuy wangaayntupulaa thingkaa pumalaka. Wiyungkiyilikiilu. 'Wishuuy, You two won't kill any animals!' He said 'wishuuy' against us two. It is a Wangaaypuwan tradition that an event that has not yet taken place, can beprevented by exclaiming 'wishuuy'. Saying 'wishuuy' is most commonly explained asbeing a means of preventing rainfall.
wityu question-word. how?.
wityupaarr question-word. what like?.
wityupaarru question-word. when?.
wityuwaa question-word. how?.
wiyu naming-word. black jay.
wiyungka doing-word. say wishuuy (against). 'Don't say wishuuy against it!' 'Karraani wiyungkaa!'
wulman naming-word. old man. From English 'old man'.
wultuman naming-word. old woman. From English 'old woman'.
wungka naming-word. young emu.
wura naming-word. light. Weight.
wurangatakirri doing-word. to sew.
wurran naming-word. hair of the head.
wurru naming-word. neck, back of the neck, bones of the neck, hollow of the base of the skull, nape.
wurrurr naming-word.
wuruuntali doing-word. suck out e.g., poison. Literally: move out-do with mouth
wutha naming-word. ear.
wuupa naming-word. mouse. Planigale tenuirostris and/or Planigale gilesi.
yaala ALSO: yaay. determining-word. thus.
yaalaa determining-word. thus.
yaanhthu determining-word. at this time, at that time.
Yaarrali naming-word. Yathong Station.
yaay determining-word. ALSO: yaala. thus.
yaaympuka describing-word. in vain.
yaaynytyipu determining-word. around.
yakarraay reaction-word. 'Ouch!','Take that!'. An expression of sudden pain, or the intention to inflict pain.
yakay reaction-word. an expression of surprise or alarm (for example, 'oh!', 'wow!').
yalamakirri doing-word. be tired, be lazy, be apathetic.
yalapali doing-word. to carry on back tied in a blanket.
yalarakirri doing-word. to slide, to creep, to crawl.
yalaranha doing-word. slide, sliding, creep, creeping, crawl, crawling.
yalaranhi doing-word. slid, to crept, creeped, crawled.
yama topic-marker. isn't it?. Thurru mingkathi kurukanha, yama?. There is a snake in the burrow, isn't there?.
yamarr naming-word. bronzewing pigeon.
yanaa doing-word. go!, walk!.
yanakirri doing-word. to walk, to go, to move along. let's go! gotta go!.
yananha doing-word. go/going, travel/travelling, walk/walking. Ngathu yananha kalingku I am going to the water
yananhi doing-word. went. walked. travelled. Ngakungurrkuthu kaliyarrku yananhi. I went to the other side of the Lachlan River.
yanathunmakirri doing-word. let's go in a group, let's walk in a group, let's travel in a group. See: yanakirri
yanathunmanha doing-word. go in group, walk in a group, travel in a group. See: yanathunmanhi
yanathunmanhi doing-word. went in group, walked in a group, travelled in a group. Wanhthakukaana yanathunmanhi? Where did she go along with the others?
yangki naming-word. Halley's comet.
yanmakirri doing-word. to join up with.
yapaa naming-word. carpet snake.
yapali doing-word. to track, to trace. Yapali is also used to describe tracing a hand stencil on a rock.
yaparr naming-word.
yapiyi See: yapali doing-word. tracked, traced. Yapali is also used to describe tracing a hand stencil on a rock.
yarraaman ALSO: yarraman. naming-word. horse. Equus caballus. Warrikal yarraamanlukal mawirri pantiyi. They tamed wild horses into harness (lit. 'They tied wild horses into string.')
yarray naming-word. beard, whiskers.
yarrayipiyan naming-word. wild apple.
yarrmal naming-word. mischievous.
yarrurr naming-word. slow, steady.
yarruthaamiyi doing-word. dreamt.
yarur naming-word. slow, slow one, steady, steady one.
yata naming-word.
yatama naming-word. good.
yathaarrmiyi doing-word. dreamt.
yawatyal naming-word. topknot pigeon. See: yawatyalkara
yawatyalkara naming-word. topknot pigeon. See: yawatyal
yiirripin naming-word. swallow (bird).
yilkirr naming-word. a rustle, a rustling sound.
yingka naming-word. yabby.
yingkal ALSO: yingkalaa. topic-marker. same.
yingkalaa topic-marker. same.
yirramurrung naming-word. novice in the law.
yiyalangka naming-word. kite hawk.
yukaaywa naming-word. mattress.
yukala naming-word. water whistling duck.
yuki naming-word. wild dog, dingo. Canis familiaris.
yulay ALSO: yulaym. ALSO: yulayng. ALSO: yulaynh. ALSO: yulayny. naming-word. 1. skin, peel.
yulu 1. naming-word. nail of finger or toe.
2. naming-word. claw, talon, hoof.
yumpawarra naming-word.
yungakirri doing-word. to cry.
yungka naming-word. mallee hen.
yungkay naming-word. mallee hen.
yurraapat naming-word. rabbit. Oryctolagus cuniculus. From English 'rabbit'.
yurrimali doing-word. to shift. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water.
yurrimara doing-word. shift, shifting.
yurrimiyi doing-word. shifted. Ngiyanuna ngurra yurrimiyi kalinytyi. We shifted our camp away from the water.
yurriyalway naming-word. railway.
yurru naming-word. ALSO: yurrum, yurrung, yurrunh, yurruny. = ngityi. rain. See: ngityara See: ngityiyi yurrungku ngityiyi ngityiyi. It rained and rained.
yuru naming-word. thrush, grey shrike thrush, 'wanta bird'. Colluricincla harmonica. The song of the yuru can bring bad luck, say if it follows you going hunting.
yuungin naming-word. companion, mate.
yuuthi describing-word. too much. Yuuthi thupiyi. (Robin redbreast) went thup too much.
yuwakirri doing-word. to lie. Ngathu pawungka yuwakirri. I must lie in the middle.
yuwan naming-word. food (non-meat), vegetable food, bread. The term for non-meat food 'yuwan' was extended to mean 'bread'.
yuwaymiyi doing-word. laid, made lie down. I laid the child down in the bed. Ngathuna purraay ngurrangka yuwaymiyi.
yuwi naming-word. name.
yuwimpali doing-word. to name, in order to name, let's name.