Lacks Heading


kanaa naming-word. shoulder. Kaanhinangkal mayingku kanaaka. The men carried them on their shoulders.
karra naming-word. phlegm.
kii naming-word. heart.
kiil ALSO: killi. naming-word. urine. Usage: This is the Keewong mob word.
kiili naming-word. ALSO: kiil. urine.
kilkin naming-word. armpit.
kinytyaal naming-word. diarrhoea.
kuna naming-word. faeces, poo.
kurraluu naming-word. liver.
kuway naming-word. blood.
makala ALSO: malakam, makalang, makalanh, makalany. naming-word. ALSO: makalang. back. ALSO: makalanh.
mara naming-word. 1. hand, finger, five, upper grindstone.
2. upper grindstone.
marrkun naming-word. ankle.
mil naming-word. 1. eye.
2. seed.
mula naming-word. pus.
munku naming-word. stomach, tripe. tripe.
munuukaa ALSO: munuukaam. ALSO: munuukaang. ALSO: munuukaanh. ALSO: munukaany. Usage: The different variants are used when there are different suffixes or word-endings added to the word. naming-word. elbow.
murruthaa naming-word. nose, beak.
muwa ALSO: muwang. ALSO: muwam. ALSO: muwanh. ALSO: muwany. naming-word. ALSO: muwang. 1. body hair.
2. fur.
3. feathers. kilaangku-muwa galah feathers
ngalki naming-word. little finger, little toe.
ngamu naming-word. breast, breast milk.
ngantal naming-word. mouth.
ngiing ALSO: ngiiny. naming-word. anus.
ngimpi naming-word. bone.
ngulu naming-word. face, forehead.
ngunuukaa naming-word. elbow. Trida dialect.?
nhiinmay naming-word. penis.
nhukii naming-word. throat, front of neck.
nhurru ALSO: nhurrung. ALSO: nhurrunh. ALSO: nhurrum. ALSO: nhurruny. 1. naming-word. arm, upper arm, foreleg.
2. naming-word. wing.
pakapula naming-word. bladder. Pakapula thalathalarrpiya. (My) bladder's pretty shiny (from twisting to dig burrows).
pakin naming-word. boil, sore.
pala ALSO: palang. naming-word. head. Palangka miimiyi, wangaaytyan ngiyanuna ngaakirri (They) held them against (their) heads, so that we shouldn't see (them).
pana naming-word. flesh, muscle, lean meat.
parraan naming-word. rib.
pii naming-word. arm, forearm.
pirri naming-word. chest.
puntaayng ALSO: puntay. naming-word. knee.
puntay ALSO: puntayng. ALSO: puntaayng. naming-word. knee.
purrpi naming-word. belly, stomach, paunch, tripe.
puru naming-word. testicles.
puyu naming-word. shin. Puyukalukal kirraa mawirri pantiyi. They tied leaves around their shins.
thaka = kuna. naming-word. faeces while still in the body.
thakal naming-word. cheek, jaw.
thalay naming-word. tongue.
thalparr naming-word. shoulder.
tharra ALSO: tharrang. ALSO: tharram. ALSO: tharrany. ALSO: tharranh. naming-word. thigh, lap, hindleg.
thina ALSO: thinang. ALSO: thinanh. ALSO: thinany. ALSO: thinam. naming-word. foot, toe. Ngathu yananhi thinangka. I travelled on foot.
waangan naming-word. kidney fat, caul fat.
walya naming-word. vagina.
wirra naming-word. tooth.
wurran naming-word. hair of the head.
wurru naming-word. neck, back of the neck, bones of the neck, hollow of the base of the skull, nape.
wutha naming-word. ear.
yarray naming-word. beard, whiskers.
yulay ALSO: yulaym. ALSO: yulayng. ALSO: yulaynh. ALSO: yulayny. naming-word. 1. skin, peel.
yulu 1. naming-word. nail of finger or toe.
2. naming-word. claw, talon, hoof.