Lacks Heading


maynykiyamali doing-word. cook unsuccessfully, light a fire unsuccessfully. Literally: fail-do with fire
maypurrpali doing-word. to close gut for cooking, to skewer gutted belly.
muunkiyamali doing-word. to burn up. Literally: do to all-do with fire
muunkiyamara doing-word. burn up, burning up. Literally: do to all-do with fire
ngalanmaa doing-word. light a fire!.
ngalanmalaka doing-word. will light a fire, might light a fire.
ngalanmali doing-word. to light a fire, in order to light a fire.
ngalanmiyi doing-word. lit a fire.
nhama naming-word. ash.
pankiyi doing-word. burnt something. Mayingku wii pankiyi, kirrpatya wirringkirriku The person burnt a fire to get warm.
wangapali doing-word. set fire to.
wii naming-word. 1. fire, firewood.
2. match, lighter.
wirringkirri doing-word. to cook, in order to cook. Mayingku wii pankiyi, kirrpatyathalu wirringkirri. The person burnt a fire [expressly] so that she could cook a kangaroo.
wirrinya doing-word. cook, cooking.
wirrinyi doing-word. cooked. Ngathu-than wirri-nyi. I am supposed to have cooked.
wirritya doing-word. cook (it)!. Nhamakanuu yurraapat wirrinytya yulaympuwan. Cook your rabbit in the ashes with (its) skin (on).
wirriyaka doing-word. will cook, might cook.